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The Times They are a-Changin’: Change your Fragrance

It's the perfect time of year to explore a new fragrance

You like to think of yourself as classic – and that’s wonderful. So many people choose a “signature scent” and stick with it forever. On the other hand, there are people like Donatella Versace who has a collection of perfume numbering in the hundreds.  So where do you fit in? How often should you change your perfume? Honestly, there’s no hard and fast answer to such a personal beauty question. However, there are some guidelines to help you make the most of your fragrance library.

Take these factors into consideration:

  • Does your fragrance complement your outfit? We like to think of perfume as an accessory – like a necklace or a great pair of shoes. Scent is very closely connected to memory and mood, so keep that in mind before you apply. (For instance, a yellow sundress pairs very nicely with a citrus fragrance.)
  • Some scents work better in different seasons. Take the time of year into consideration as you choose a perfume. The change of the season is a great cue for changing up your fragrance game.
  • What are you doing? Fragrances should suit the occasion! Daytime scents should be on the lighter side, and evening scents should be a bit bolder.

When do you change your fragrance?


Listen Up Men! What’s in Your Cabinet?

Your face is the very first thing a stranger sees and it often makes or breaks their initial impression. It’s essential for men to take care of their face, and make grooming practices part of their daily routines. This short guide will help you have the essentials you need in your cabinet.

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  • Mason Pearson Pure Badger Shaving Brush: Using a fine badger brush like one from Mason Pearson is sure to give you the smoothest shave of your life. Only a brush can lift and separate stiff hair, making way for a thick lather and exceptionally smooth shave. This is one item every man should keep in their cabinet.
  • Taylor of Old Bond Shaving Shop Shave Cream: Whether using this excellent cream with a brush, which we recommend, or with the pal of the hand, you’ll be amazed at the results. Say goodbye to aerosol cans, and make room for this amazing shaving cream in your cabinet.
  • Penhaligon’s LP No.9 for Men: This spicy fragrance is perfect for any man, and any situation. Always keep a bottle in your cabinet.
  • Molton Brown Invigorating Suma Ginseng Shower Gel: The perfect way to start your day! With stimulating ingredients and an undeniably great scent, make Molton Brown a staple in your medicine cabinet.
  • Floris Cefiro Soothing Talcum Powder: Soothe and protect skin, while also staying dry. Talcum powder is an essential product that all men should have supply of.
  • Molton Brown Ultra light Bai Ji Hydrator: Moisturizing should be an essential part of your routine. This amazing hydrator by Molton Brown moisturizes, repairs, and cools, improving the look of your skin.

It’s time to stock those cabinets with the essentials needed to be a true gentleman in today’s modern world. Find the best men’s grooming products at