Choosing a Fragrance for Her


Choosing the right gift for the most important women in your life is a challenge, but finding a signature scent is one way to achieve this goal while making the gift recipient happy. Consider the following points before picking out a scent that she will love:

• If you see the gift recipient regularly, try to track down a scent that she already likes. Noticing the bottles on the bathroom counter is one way to determine what she wants when you buy a scented gift.

• Take her personality into consideration when you are shopping. Does she seem to be in tune with nature? An earthy scent may be best. Is she an ultra-feminine woman who loves to look her best? Floral scents often complement the style of women who love girly accessories.

• Try out the scents before you make a purchase. While you do not have to buy perfume in a brick-and-mortar store, you can still head over to the nearest department store to spritz the tester bottles for a quick sniff. This gives you the opportunity to find out which scents are too overpowering to be enjoyable.

If you are worried that she will not like the signature scent that you choose, purchase a small bottle for her to try out. Since the cost will be reduced due to the size of the bottle, you could buy two or more perfumes to gift!

Speziali Fiorentini Luxury Scent Libraries and Luxury Hand Care Collection

Speziali Fiorentini Luxury Hand Cream CollectionThe new fragrances libraries from Speziali Fiorentini are the perfect idea to try a variety of fragrances. Then, it makes is real easy to pick a favorite!

The Speziali Fiorentini Herbal Fragrance Scent Library Set/6 contains five fragrances for women and one for men: Liquorice & Mandarin, White Tea, Caramel, Ginger & Jasmine, Spice & Patchouli and Amerigo Sail Cologne for Men.

The Speziali Fiorentini Floral Fragrance Scent Library Set/6 contains five fragrances for women and one for men: Olive & Sunflower, Rose & Blackberry, Peony & Lime, Fig & Poppy, Chianti Flowers and Amerigo Sail Cologne for Men.

And finally, the Speziali Fiorentini Hand Cream Collection Set/4: Spice & Patchouli, Rose & Blackberry, Fig& Poppy and Liquarice & Mandarin.

Speziali Fiorentini – Florence Italy: From the art city a collection for your beauty care. The perfumes, essences, bath products and cremes of the Speziali Fiorentini faithfully reflect the philosophy of the ancient guild in their modern and safe formulas. Their laboratory has added the security of strict microbiological control procedures to the herbal tradition, to the virtues of herb preparations, to the quality of the plants and the carefully selected active ingredients to make Speziali Fiorentini products particularly suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skins.